Mokume Gane

What is Mokume Gane ??

Mokume Gane (pronounced Moe-koo-may Gah-nay) is an ancient Japanese metalworking technique developed in the late 1800’s used in sword handles.  When Mokume Gane is translated it means "wood grain metal,”

Andrea was taught mokume in school and has taken this technique to a new level. Her variety of patterns and styles have made her a success in the jewellery industry.” Now a day’s people want something a little different” That’s where Andrea’s mokume wedding bands and engagements rings have become really popular.

Andrea Golden’s Mokume Gane is made with multiple layers of metal from 2-3 different types and 19 layers in each piece. (For example gold and silver or Rose, Yellow and White Gold even silver and copper). The metal is all fused together stacked high. Then a pattern is engraved into the top of the metal making some concave areas, which is then rolled out until all the metal is flush revealing the desired pattern.