Welcome to Andrea Golden Jewellery

Andrea Golden has been designing and creating handmade jewellery since early 2000. After graduating from jewellery college in 2003 she worked in various jewellery shops until opening her own jewellery business in 2004. Since then Andrea has made jewellery for Disney, the music industry, you can also see articles published in magazines, major & local newspapers. As a young girl Andrea has always wanted to help youth and adults with their daily struggles as Andrea herself has suffered and struggled with her mental health since a young age, which lead her to take multiple certifications in the mental health industry and to purse her once “dream” of helping others into a reality and opened a Non Profit Organization called PROJECT 12:34. With Andrea’s 20 plus years of running a successful jewellery business and certifications within the mental health field and wanting to pursue her passion as a peer support specialist. Andrea is committed to making this once “dream” a reality that our community so desperately needs and can benefit from.
You can visit Project 12:34’s website at www.project1234.org for more information. Much Love Andrea ♥️