Welcome to Andrea Golden Jewellery

Andrea Golden Jewellery is about creating inspiring and exquisitely designed jewellery.  In my work I am drawn towards strong prominent bold lines using sterling silver, gold, bronze and copper incorporating Precious to Semi-Precious stones.

My work is a combination of contemporary, chic and bold designs. I believe in looking back to find inspiration in designs from different periods of time drawing upon thousands of years of metal working techniques. Each one of my pieces is hand crafted, carved, and constructed with an emphasis on pattern and texture.

The work that goes into each finished piece has a strong, solid quality creating a sense of strength and vitality to the wearer. I work intuitively from a primal aesthetic integrating the images of our modern world. It is along these paths that my designs grow and continue to evolve. They embody the idea of wearable art, but are perfect for any occasion.